Operations & Maintenance

Predictive analytics, preventive maintenance and timely reactive intervention ensures your PV system operates safely, reliably, and efficiently to mitigate risk, ensure production predictability and increases revenue. BlueNRGY is committed to keeping customers’ investments at optimal production and exceeding expectations.

BlueNRGY O&M Partnership Services Include

  • Monitoring
  • Performance Analytics
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Reactive Maintenance
  • Contractual Agreement Oversight
  • Ancillary Engineering Services
Trusted Partner

BlueNRGY O&M Partnership is vital to achieving maximum power production and long-term profitability. System downtime, or a decrease in production, can have a significant impact on the economics of any photovoltaic installation. Without a proper O&M plan in place, the risk of revenue loss is increased and the ability to attract financing is decreased. With our core competency focused on making photovoltaics predictable, BlueNRGY O&M Services is a trusted partner. We help ensure output predictability and optimal performance.

Dedicated to Solar PV

BlueNRGY O&M is dedicated to partnering with solar photovoltaic utility and commercial plant owners to assure that their investments are producing and exceeding expectations. With a long history in the industry, we are familiar with the complexities and challenges that can arise. Our proactive approach with a staff of solar industry experts, provide a full range of O&M Solutions. Our customers rely on BlueNRGY O&M Partnerships to keep their investments at optimal production.

  • Team of experts -provide support for all of the technologically complex components of a PV system, particularly the inverter
    • NABCEP accredited technicians
    • OEM certified inverter technicians
  • Diversity of plant and technology types
    • Commercial / industrial
    • Utility
    • Fixed arrays and tracker systems
    • Distributed Generation
    • Roof and ground mount
  • Industry knowledge – BlueNRGY has been involved in the solar PV industry since 1989
  • 45MW under contract
  • State of the art analytics and monitoring solutions