Renewable Energy Solutions

BlueNRGY installs, operates and selectively owns solar power assets for the generation of electricity that is cleaner and more socially responsible than traditional energy supplies. We provide energy efficiency solutions to provide customers with their needs while consuming and spending less.

BlueNRGY has delivered over 17,000 solar installations and more than 170MWs of renewable energy assets on over four continents. We continue to build upon that experience.

Through our public exchange listing we provide opportunities for investors to participate in our endeavors in providing renewable energy and energy efficiency solutions to consumers.

BlueNRGY senior management team comprises executives who have delivered approximately 20,000MW of generating assets on behalf of major power companies and consumers. This experience and track record gives BlueNRGY’s customers and investors confidence in our ability to deliver.

With decades of combined industry-specific experience, BlueNRGY has a strategy of diversification through geography, technology and customer segments. Our strategy is to focus on stable national markets. This diversity and focus is key to our success in delivering products and services to our customers and returns to investors.

BlueNRGY employs experts in the complex process of planning, installing, operating, monitoring, and maintaining solar generating assets.

From planning, designing and commissioning new installations, to managing complex local land negotiations, BlueNRGY staff in the United States, Australia and United Kingdom have a proven track record.

Past projects include the 8MW Chonburi solar farm in Thailand and an amalgamated 5MW block of rooftop facilities in Bari, Italy. A wind farm provided by Bluenrgy is being used to provide electricity to the community on Chatham Island, 680km off the coast of New Zealand and the 107MW Taralga Wind Farm located to the South West of Sydney in New South Wales, Australia.